In this emotional memoir, Brent Blonigan recounts his lifelong battle with depression. Through self-reflection and personal anecdotes, he examines the impact his family, culture, religion, and society have had on his life. He is bold, honest, and forthcoming as he presents his experiences and evaluates their impact on who he is today.

As a nearly nonverbal child who also struggled with anxiety and neuroses, from an early age Blonigan often felt judged and ridiculed by his peers. When corruption was discovered in the Catholic churches and schools of his small-town Minnesota home, it shook the foundations of Blonigan’s upbringing—and of his young psyche. In a journey of self-revelation, Blonigan explores each of the experiences and factors that fueled a life addicted to passivity and gripped in fear.

There Are No Silver Bullets: My Family, My Depression sheds light on one man’s depression, along with his experience of the medical system’s shortcomings in diagnosing and treating it. Reflective questions at the end of each chapter offer self-examination as a tool readers can use to consider the internal and external influences that may have contributed to their own emotional reality. Blonigan provides sympathy and support for those fighting the demons of depression, abuse, and adjustment disorders, along with coping strategies that he has found helpful—even lifesaving—over the years.